Collaborative Management

Master the collaborative management approach in order to stimulate creativity, participation and implement lasting solutions where the whole team ‘buys-in’ to both the process and the outcomes.


Why Collaborative management?

Traditional hierarchical and pyramid-based organizations are becoming increasingly limited and outdated. Management teams are looking for active participation in both day-to-day affairs, but also in strategic and operational decisions. New techniques are required to respond to challenges that the organization faces not only to prosper, but in some cases to simply survive.


Techniques and Tools

Collaborative management consists of techniques and tools which facilitate:

  • change management
  • develop high quality internal communications
  • facilitate the smooth running of the organization on a day-to-day basis
  • boost team spirit and reinforce cohesion and motivation
  • inspire team members’ participation, involvement and commitment towards the collaborative objectives of the organization
  • stimulate responsibility and incite increased autonomy from each individual
  • facilitate project delivery’s with creative emulation driven by a common goal
  • allow decision making with consent from every member of the team towards a common process and objective


  • board committees, all decision-making groups in the organization
  • every manager in charge of a team including sales and marketing directors
  • project’s managers, cross-functional managers without a strong position in the exiting hierarchy


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